FaceBook Live-Sundays

FaceBook Live: We stream the message from our Sunday worship service through FaceBook Live on our church FB page and this can be accessed around 11:45 am.

This means anyone (including those without a FB account) can access the live stream and join us by searching for The Bridge Lanark Facebook-Home. If you can’t join us live, the video is posted on the page and can be watched later.

If you have a FB account and want to be notified when we upload anything, be sure to “like” and “follow” the page so you will be notified when we do this. If you have friends who may be interested please invite them along!

Here are some things  you can do your end to ensure you can see and hear with minimal issues.

  1. Using a hardwired computer (rather than a wireless device) should help with any internet issues you may have at home
  2. If you have an issue while streaming – try switching to a different device to see how it works e.g. move from a iPhone to a laptop etc
  3. Use your faster or newest computer as CPU power can make a difference
  4. If you only have wireless – ensure you have the strongest signal in your house e.g. as close to the wireless router as possible.

There are many factors involved in video streaming. Both on our Facebook live streaming side and on the viewer’s side (connectivity, device) that determines what type of experience the viewer will have. Be mindful that many other churches are streaming and using the internet on Sunday mornings and this volume has an impact on live stream.