Can we pray for you?

We are praying for Lanark.  Can we pray for you?

The Bridge Church is a mix of people, varying in age and background, in pursuit of God. Our lives have been changed through relationship with Jesus and we want others to know what He’s done for us.

Please let us know you would like prayer or if you would like to talk about relationship with Jesus.

For prayer or more information about knowing God, call us on 07845 871639 or check out our website for more details.

Prayerwalking in Lanark

A group from the church recently went for a prayerwalk around Lanark as part of the prayer call from Pray for Scotland with the “Your Kingdom Come” initiative.  It was a great time to pray for our community and be part of a larger call to prayer.  We will do more prayerwalking in the days ahead.  Please contact Michael if you would like more information.